6th AMCDRR Highlights

 The 6AMCDRR was concluded with a beautiful performance of traditional drumming and dancing, after all the speeches were done. One of the highlights was a lovely dance by girls who transformed to beautiful dancers just after performing a stunning and energetic drumming item.

The closing ceremony was short. Before the Thai government read out the Bangkok Declaration the stakeholders recognized by the IAP (Asia platform for DRR) were given an opportunity to spell out their commitments to making HFA2 a success.

We on behalf of the stakeholder group on gender and women’s issues in DRR, presented our observations and commitments. We noted the low participation of women at high level negotiations and urged to set a minimum target of 30% participation in Sendai. We declared our plans to organize training for government officials to improve the capacity of negotiators on gender sensitivity as our commitment towards this. Promotion of the use of sex and age disaggregated data in planning and implementing DRR work in South Asia  with the leadership of SDMC (the SAARC Disaster Management Centre), linking up with other regions, with other key forums and post 2015 agendas such as SDGs and CC, making available the tools and methodologies for capacity building were highlighted as few of our key commitments.
Detailed documents of voluntary commitments and agreed actions by the SHG are available in the link


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