“Reporting from the one but last day of the WCDRR:

Negotiations are almost complete on the framework, the governments are still trying to finalist it though.

Sitting now at the Children and Youth conference listening to Hikata from Japan talking about her experiences after the great earthquake. They have just concluded the a children and youth forum, and the outcomes were presented:
– The strengths of youth was highlighted. Understanding risk – youth are ready to be part of the open data, of being part of the research on understanding risk. When networks fail, youth can be used to use their networks to share the information, as they are constantly accessing knowledge.
– Investing in resilience – need to ensure gay youth are advocating this. Youth take charge. Psychological support is needed. Youth need be engaged in the journey of resilience, as it is a journey and not a destination.
Youth are ready! Are you ready to take the next step with us?
Is how the youth finished their statement.

In the morning I sat at the ‘From Sendai to Quito: the new urban agenda’ which introduced Habitat III. The issues and reasons for urbanization were discussed but the emphasis was on how to build a more holistic city involving social scientists, the community in all it’s heterogeneity, the planners, the designers, the structural people, if we are to meet the challenge.

Moving on later to visit the booths in L park in a bit, and then back to the conference centre for the Sasakawa Award.

Look forward to the next update, when we will have the new framework!”

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